Love Company

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In what he calls “a dogface’s view of World War 2,” John Khoury takes the reader on a foxhole-to-foxhole journey along with Company L, 399th Regiment of the 100th Infantry Division.

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“What made me decide to dig into the past and bring up the times that I wanted to forget?” John Khoury asks in the preface to “Love Company.” “It may have been the reunions of the 100th Infantry Division where I met the young boys who were becoming old men. They still felt undiminished affection for their fellow comrades in arms. It may have been the trip back to the battlefields in France and Germany where I could almost see the ghosts of lost foxhole buddies. In the American Military Cemetery at Epinal, I bowed my head and could not hold back a tear at the grave of each lost soul I once knew. It was then that I asked myself, “Should I write the stories of our old company?” I thought of all that I could remember and it seemed as though I had amnesia. I had so thoroughly wiped away those memories that I sometimes questioned whether I had actually been there. It was then that I was challenged to go back to those days and write about what happened to those who served in our company during the war.”


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